CBD or Cannabidiol Isolate

What is CBD Isolate

CBD or Cannabidiol is an important non-intoxicating cannabinoid Derived from hemp or cannabis. Renowned for it’s anti-inflammatory and other therapeutic effects, CBD has been declared as broadly safe with recognised medical applications by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

CBD Isolate appears as a white powder comprising small crystals. Impurities may result in an off-white, yellow or pink tinge.

Notice that while CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD product, it Is not always the best — there are several valuable therapeutic effects from the other cannabinoids, terpenes and other chemicals found in hemp flower and biomass, hemp-derived CBD oil and CBD distillate, which have been eliminated while purifying CBD.

Is increasingly finding it’s way into vape products, topical products and even animal products.

How is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD is a cannabinoid which occurs naturally in the blossoms and leaves of Cannabis plants including hemp and marijuana.

The following section offers a summary of isolation of CBD from hemp to be used in foods or medicines.

Best Sources of Hemp for CBD Isolate Wholesale

CBD can produced from any cannabis plant containing sufficient levels of the compound. The hemp material should be clean, of known origin and quality, and have been tested for pesticides. Substance rich in CBD will result in a more efficient and economic isolation procedure with higher yields and lower levels of impurities.

For industrial production high CBD hemp cultivars are preferred. These varieties have been specially selected to produce large flowers rich in CBD and low in THC. While lower quality flowers such as Industrial hemp can be used, these can be less efficient and also risk Containing contaminants such as agricultural chemicals and heavy metals. Only plants specifically grown and tested for use in medicines should Be used for CBD production. Sadly, the majority of hemp used in CBD production is low quality with the consequence that a lot of commercially Accessible CBD isolate is adulterated with contaminants such as pesticides, fungal toxins, heavy metals or THC. Reputable manufactures Strictly handle their hemp cultivation, testing and procurement to prevent these entering the supply chain. This is a normal part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Hemp and CBD.

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