Cleaning Carpet for Aesthetic Reasons

Most People only consider cleaning their carpet for aesthetic reasons, but there are in fact far more reasons to keep your carpet clean than looks alone. Having a dirty rug in your house can actually be bad for your health.

Dirty carpets and other soft furnishings are particularly bad for older people, kids and pets, who are particularly susceptible to the problems which are caused by unclean areas. In the event you or any of your family has breathing problems or allergies, it is particularly important to carry out regular carpet cleaning. Here are just a few of the ways that carpet cleaning can benefit your health:

Removal of allergens
Allergens can be responsible for breathing difficulties and rashes in children and older people. These allergens have the potential to cause more severe health risks if they build up too much. Deep cleaning a carpet will help remove allergens, dust particles and dirt which cannot be eliminated by normal vacuuming.

Molds and Mildews
In humid regions, carpets can be susceptible to molds and mildews, particularly if they’re permitted to get damp. Mold can form in hot and humid areas, or cold and moist places. This mold can be deadly for animals such as cats and dogs, which may spend a long time on the carpet. In addition to posing a serious health risk, mold and mildew can have a strong, unpleasant odor, which can make the whole room seem objectionable. A professional carpet cleaning service will be able to use especially tools to draw excess moisture from a carpet, and then to remove the mold. Installing a de-humidifier in a room can help prevent this from happening again.

Remove rug mites
Rug mites are tiny creatures Which are very similar to bedbugs. They are almost impossible to see With the naked eye and it is possible to obtain an infestation without noticing. Their bodies shed allergens that can cause allergic reactions And breathing problems in humans. Some mites will also be willing to bite humans or animals. Animals that have been bitten by rug mites May appear to be either agitated or unusually lackluster, depending on What they’ve been bitten by.  Check also residential carpet cleaning Rockford.

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