Damavand Tour

Damavand Tour

You would have one of memorable life time on the heights of Damavand by our Damavand tour. We perform the best Damavand tour in Iran. Specifically, you will improve your happy moments by having your teammates with you and climbing with them. In advance, you are suggested to read all the needed data about our Damavand tour.

Ski tours in Iran are very popular all around the world. Damavand ski tour is one of the best ones. We try to organize the best Damavand ski tour packages. The nature of the country of Iran with two majestic mountains above 4000 meters. (Alborz mountain range and Zagros mountain range). This Mountains have very high potential for wild skiing and Ski Touring though we organize many different Damvand ski tour and Zagros ski tour packages. We also perform mountain climbing tour in Iran.

About Damavand

Damavand Peak, located in the central Alborz mountain range, is visible from the miles. Mount Damavand volcano is a majestic volcano it’s located ~70 km NE of Tehran and 65 km south of the Caspian Sea (Mazandaran Province, Iran). Mt Damavand is the highest peak in the Middle East and the second highest volcano in Asia (after Kunlun volcano in Tibet). Damavand last erupted about 7,300 years ago. There are no historical eruptions, but fumaroles at the summit crater suggest that the volcano is still active.


Mount Damavand is seen on days where Tehran’s air is flat and without clouds. Mountain Damavand is mentioned in many Iranian myths. Loose stone and small ribs of rock have to be clambers over, at higher levels, if the accent in early summer, expanses of snow must be corset to the crater at the top. Because of its great height and isolation, the view from Damavand is very extensive. a vast panorama of mountains, valley and desert covering many handed of square Kilometers. Mount Damavand is geographically of its kind an exception. Because its north face is close to the Caspian Sea, about 60 km to the Caspian Sea. Its southern side is about 70 km from the desert and the central desert of Iran. High altitude and conic shape visible from far distances, have made it outstanding amongst other high mountains in the region.

Mount Damavand is the result of volcanic activity at the beginning of the fourth period of geology. Also, the mountains “Arrarat” in Turkey and “Sahand”, “Sabalan”, “Taftan” and “Alvand” in Iran are also related to this period.Mount Damavand, like many volcanic mountains, has a conical shape similar to Fuji Yama in Japan. And on some sites, their photos are listed incorrectly Damavand is in fact a silent volcano with very little activity inside which the presence of smoke and sulfur gas near the peak and springs in the southeastern slopes testify to this.

Damavand is one of the most beautiful natural environments in Iran. Mount Damavand and its western shore (Lar plain) is a protected area and is very busy in spring and summer. But the winter is pretty big and hard. Damavand has always been a symbol and its name is synonymous with Iran. Many epic stories have been written about Damavand, which reveals a profound place in the culture and beliefs of the Iranian people.

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