From Auto Decals to Car Wrap

Have You considered using your vehicle as a way to advertise your business? If so, you probably know of car decal, vehicle decal, car wrap, and vehicle wrap. How do you choose the ideal option for you? Whether you’ve got a truck, SUV, Scion, trailer, van or Mini Cooper you have many possibilities for using your vehicle for effectively advertising your company.

Similar vinyl material to a car decal, just a car decal material does not require material that can cover the intricate curves of an whole car. Automobile decals typically cover a tiny area on the car, similar to a car magnet. Whereas with a wrap, you can cover any portion of the car, including bumpers, the hood, and other curved areas. Car wrap material has a gray backed adhesive that has air egress channels that allow for air bubbles to be instantly smoothed out creating a sheer painted look to the car wrap – especially when a gloss finish is chosen. The vinyl car wrap material can be heated around the bumpers and complex curves of the vehicle to cover the entire surface area. Your clients won’t ever know it’s not a paint job. You may though, when you go to re-sell the automobile and all you’ve got to do is have the wrap removed to show the manufacturer’s paint job under, maintaining the resale value of the car.

A vinyl car decal or magnet will not last as long as a vinyl car wrap for a few reasons:

1) Magnets can fly off the car, fade, or be stolen

2) The stickers are typically printed on a cheap vinyl material that lasts up to a year to keep costs down

And Of course the significant difference is in the perception of your brand… are you the leader, or are you just another small, one-person enterprise?

The Vinyl car wrap looks like a professional company which may be relied upon, that is going to be there in a few years in case you need them. If you have confidence in your business, a vinyl car wrap is the best means of projecting out this confidence to your clientele. Tell them you are here to remain. Nobody looks at car stickers or magnets anymore. They’re like bumper stickers. Nobody cares. They think the person driving the car is a small one-person shop that’s trying to earn money on the side. Don’t be confused for that! Put your business up a notch by crafting your image professionally with a creative vehicle wrap.

The price Difference between a decal and a plastic wrap is definitely there. A pair of car decals are probably in the range of $120 vs. a wrap which run from $2500 – $3500 depending on the make, year and model of the car. If you’ve invested in other areas of your company, don’t skimp on one of the most public pictures of your company – your car, that’s driving around in front of your clients daily. Nowhere.

Car wrap advertising creates a Customer Experience, turns heads, brings eyeballs to a brand. It sells you by simply being there as you drive. All you need is a creative vehicle design, a vehicle, and a drive to be the most recalled brand in your market. When a potential customer sees your vinyl car wrap, they should take away three things within the first 3 minutes of viewing:

2) Visual imagery of the outcomes of what you do

3) Contact information/Call to action takeaway

Devil is in the Plan

A Well-designed partial wrap onto a solid foundation color vehicle can be just as powerful as a complete vinyl car wrap if designed properly to incorporate with the base color of the car. This only truly works on black vehicles because all other colors are very tricky to match through digital printing.

Targeted Parking

Think about it. Want to Target your potential customers? Look up events where your perfect Demographic goes, and park in front of the event, and put your Information in a holder attached to the car. Targeting women with children? Park in a childcare facility. soccer? Park at football tournaments. Construction companies? Park at Home Depot. You see where I’m going with this?

Car Wrap

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