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Homemade Floor Cleaners Tool

Hard-surface Floors can be challenging to clean with all the traffic they get, and finding the ideal floor cleaner could sometimes be a challenge. Industrial cleaning solutions could be expensive and their effectiveness would depend on their correct application and if suited to clean particular kinds of flooring, whether wood, concrete or tile. Nevertheless, there are some homemade floor cleaner solutions that are worth trying.

One Such recipe covers the extra-tough grime and dirt out of glazed or unglazed ceramic tile, concrete, asphalt, slate and flagstone floors. The mixture is made up of one-half gallon of cool or cold water, 1 cup ammonia and one-fourth cup low-sudsing, all purpose cleaner. You should be wearing rubber gloves when mixing these ingredients and work in a well-ventilated or open area. Then, the floor is rinsed with clear, cool water and dried with a soft cloth.

There’s Another homemade floor cleaner recipe that is not costly or laden with chemicals but powerful. And what’s even better is that this functions as an all-purpose cleaner, and is easy to make. You can have this cleaner by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Shake up the bottle and the mixture is prepared for its all-purpose application.

The white vinegar contains acetic acid which kills Germs, viruses, mold and bacteria. Also dissolved by the vinegar’s acetic acid. This floor cleaner Solution, however, shouldn’t be used on marble surfaces, and should be Tested on a small area before applying on vinyl or finished wood.

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