How to Find The Painkiller in Your Vitamin Business

There’s a well known idea which you can classify any business into one of two camps: Vitamin or Painkiller.

Vitamins They’re an investment that will allow you to make progress on larger goals. Unfortunately, the delay of gratification with a vitamin can cause friction for customers trying to make a purchase.

Painkillers Solve an immediate need, buy pain killers online. They’re something that you can apply to create progress on a goal right away. Because of this, it’s a lot easier for a customer to pull the buy trigger.

Companies Are on a constant hunt for the most direct path to convert leads to customers. The longer term benefit of a vitamin is a more intricate sell.

A painkiller company can focus on the benefits customers see for themselves now . A vitamin company has to paint a picture of what customers might be a while .

Most Companies are not strictly one or the other. Even if a business has strong vitamin qualities it may still tap into painkiller elements.

At This point you might wonder if your company is more of a vitamin If you pause reading for a minute, you can take our quiz and find out:

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