Information, Technology and Tourism


Information Technology has impacted all walks of their lives throughout the past couple of decades in a huge way together with the Tourism and Travel industry being among the primary beneficiaries. The introduction of computers could be tracked back into the early 60’s if the vacuum tube has been the key part of systems. This was mostly ineffective and error prone and shortly gave way to transistors that were substituted by Integrated Circuits. Now the technological improvements have allowed advanced images integrated with moving pictures and audio to be integrated into the contemporary computers. Check more Integrated Tourism Planning.

The Tourism merchandise being mostly intangible Stands to get a great deal out of tech. Traveling was considered a threat from the first days largely because of how the understanding of the terrain, climate, culture of this destination was unknown or limited. Just the daring and guys in pursuit for newer pastures ventured into these journeys. With the arrival of IT to the travel industry, things have shifted. Traveling has become a whole lot more pleasurable and comfortable. The modern day traveller has an array of alternatives to select from, with Web being the favorite haunt for the possible traveller. Places of tourist interest and scenic beauty frequently don’t grab the interest of their consumer mainly because of the simple fact they are not promoted well. Web from the morning didn’t support images, video, audio etc.. Thus the tourism products couldn’t be promoted over the internet efficiently. It has led to simpler transmission of graphic pictures, videos, music over the internet with clarity and speed. Hence tourism continues to be efficiently marketed over the net.

There Are a Lot of Applications that cater to the requirements of the hospitality and tourism businesses. Travel agencies, tour operators, resorts etc utilize modern systems armed with strong applications that operate on big databases. Computerised front office has given elegance to the offices that are largely paperless. Office automation has resulted in accurate and efficient information processing. Someone armed with the ideal information has become the most effective in today’s era. Computerised systems are utilized to extract data from the voluminous amounts of information store in databases. The consumer is the king and so has numerous selections to pick from when embarking on a travel or obtaining advice about a tourist place.

Formerly users of computer programs were needed to be experts. Just Then the program could be conducted. Now systems using Graphical User Technology, even a layman or a kid can run a computer or Access net. Someone who does not understand the local language in an Area Has information in his finger tips together with the dawn of touch display facilities. Machine) facilities in their premises in Order to Enable the clients to

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