Iran Beautiful Country

“Really! Iran?!”

To those haven’t seen Iran, it might sound a bit strange to hear “Iran is one of the most wonderful countries that one can ever see” but those who have, they know that it’s not far from the truth. Iran is country with a rich culture and an antique history dating back to at least 8000 years ago and it has been home to some of world’s most noble civilizations. That is why it is considered to be one of the cradles of mankind’s civilization. Nowadays, the remains of these civilizations are mostly kept in Iran National Museum and some of them have decorated some of the most famous museums in the world like Louvre, British Museum, Rome, Chicago, Hermitage, Metropolitan etc.

How aren’t all of them 250 pounds with foods that tasty!? Due to different cultures, the diversity of Iran’s food is so vast that you don’t know which one to choose but thanks to our guide who helped us a lot about the cuisines. If you are a food lover, Iran will be a paradise for you.

Health Explorers Choose Iran!

Today, many people travel abroad to achieve the best opportunities for treatment. Lots of European and American citizens come to Iran to make the most of Iran’s high-quality cosmetic services mostly for an affordable price of outstanding doctors. Except for Iran’s cosmetic applicants, an enormous volume of treatment demands are consisted of some neighbor countries, annually. Furthermore, everyone should experience those mineral springs at the heart of Zagros mountains, at least one time.

“Then why isn’t it so famous?”

Despite all these features, Iran’s name has been drowned under the dust of politics and media. Negative propagandas have been widespread for decades and the media has been broadcasting a completely false view of this country and its people. This atmosphere has made many people to be afraid of Iran and feel that Iran is not a safe country.

Whenever you decide to travel to Iran, many people around you would probably say “What? Iran!? Why on earth would you wanna go to such an unsafe place?” But if you check 2019 Travel Risk Map provided by the independent experts of “International SOS” and talk to experts like Touriar, you’ll make sure about your decision. Even if still deep down your heart you might be a little scared, the moment you step foot in this land, all the fear and everything negative you have heard, will vanish.

A common belief “Are they angry people?”

If you define anger as “Seeing strangers in the street and they smile at you, being invited to a cup of tea by the shopkeepers just because they regard you a guest and hearing hello from little children with cute thumbs up”, yes, they are definitely angry. When they invite you to a meal or a drink, no matter where or which country you are from, you will be a guest and they do their best to make their guests happy.

Art and architecture

Due to the long history and different dynasties with different beliefs who ruled in Iran, this country is full of unique monuments that each of them has lots of stories to tell; the stories about kings, queens, knights and ups and downs that this country has seen. From Persepolis and Pasargadae in Shiraz to Jame Mosque and Chehelsotun in Isfahan, all of them have their own stories whispered through the adobes and gorgeous designs of the tile workings and are only heard if someone listens to them by heart.

However, Iran is such a place that is worth to see at least for one time. Iran tours is highly recommended to the people all around the world especially those who love history, art and culture; those who seek for untold adventures and those who want to see one of the most hospitable nations on earth.

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