Kiapolymer Company

Founded in 2005, Kiapolymer has become a leading supplier of raw materials for tires such as Microcrystalline wax and antiozonant. At Kiapolymer, with a great price-performance ratio and a high level of commitment, we have proven ourselves as a reliable supplier. Our wholesale business focuses on providing detailed high quality raw materials and our goal is to establish a partnership built on mutual trust and reliability.

Kiapolymer is a leader and an innovative company in producing anti-tack agent (anti tacking agent) in form of powder, liquid or slurry which is consumed by tire manufacturers in batch-off equipment and systems. Kiapolymer has been the largest anti tack producer and supplier for the last 15 years in Iran. We produce the best anti-tacks and distribute them to all around the world.

Kiapolymer is a leader and an innovative company in producing Rubber makers sulfur (vulcanizing agent) to be used by tire manufacturers. Kiapolymer has been the largest vulcanizing agent (Sulfex-OT) producer and supplier for the last 15 years in Iran. We produce best vulcanization agent Rubber makers sulfur (vulcanization agent) and distribute them to all around the world.

Vulcanizing agent is a material, usually sulfur, that is used in the chemical process of vulcanization. Vulcanization Agent (Rubber makers sulfur) gives natural rubber or other polymers more strength, elasticity and durability by the addition of sulfur or other accelerators such as zinc oxide and peroxide. These additives add cross-links (bridges) to individual polymer chains to make them stronger and more durable.

Vulcanizing agent history

Natural rubber was being used in tire industry until 1839. Natural rubber had some problems, for example, it wasn’t durable enough and wouldn’t work properly under harsh conditions. Natural rubber becomes sticky or melts in high temperature and when it gets cold, it becomes brittle. IN 1839 Charles Goodyear, the founder of Goodyear tire company which is one of the first tire manufacturers in the world invented the vulcanizing agent to perform vulcanization process on rubbers. He actually named it Vulcanization after Vulcan, God of fire in Roman mythology. Sulfur is used in tires along other materials such as antiozonant wax to give more durability to it.


Rubber makers sulfur

Sulfur is a very important element in tire industry. Rubber Makers Sulfur is a critical additive in tire manufacturing and vulcanization process of rubber. Rubber makers sulphur products are different in formulation and size. We produce Rubber makers sulfur based on customer requirements and needs. In Kiapolymer we are specialized in producing different types of Rubber makers sulfurs such as oil treated sulfur and micronized sulfur.

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