The Survival Axe – The Piece of Gear You May Have Overlooked

A survival axe is often more efficient than a knife in a survival situation. They permit you to collect and split firewood better, can accelerate the processing of match and they are also helpful in the creation of shelters. Also read about use and axe for safety.

When you bring an axe on you, you have a hammer, a weapon, a survival knife, a way to prepare game, and more all rolled into one.
Survival Axes – The 3 Basic Types

The conventional axe is the biggest of the three. Axes are best for chopping large trees as a result of the leverage that you gain from their longer manage and bigger head.

The grips of hatchets are usually 10 to 13 inches long with a head between 1 and 2 pounds. They have shorter handles and lighter heads in comparison with a normal axe, it follows that they can’t chop as efficiently but they are a lot easier to pack around compared to their bigger cousins.

The tomahawk is approximately the same size as a hatchet, but typically has the lightest mind and smallest cutting edge of the three. Unlike the hatchet, the conventional tomahawk is designed primarily as a weapon and a tool next. The dimensions and shape of the head makes it more suited to fighting than it will chopping. This does not mean that tomahawks cannot be used for cutting or chopping, it only means that they won’t be as effective as most hatchets or axes.

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