Large Trays

Way to Store Large Trays

Almost Everybody has some big trays or baking sheets in their kitchen. Storing these always proposes a dilemma. You could be fortunate to have a tall slim cabinet in your kitchen that is fantastic for loading all of the trays, etc. – you can place the items in standing on their edge next to each other. You can buy galvanized 3 tier tray online.

However, In the absence of such a cabinet, I’ve seen lots of individuals resort to stacking trays/baking sheets/cupcake tins/etc. Resist! This will annoy you because the things you probably use the most (such as the flat baking sheet or the cutting board) will always be on the bottom of the pile and you have to pull out the entire stack every time you need to use that one thing.

A Better solution is to make vertical storage. I recently used a excellent product in a massive kitchen cabinet. It was originally a stock cupboard with two doors and a dividing shelf that was flexible but placed right in the center of the space. We moved the flexible shelf to the maximum position. Then we installed stainless rollout tray organizers by Lynk. The cupboard was broad enough to install 3 units side-by-side. Two are tray organizers and the third is a pan lid holder.

Both of these shots are of the installed empty units and the units filled with trays/lids.

This Is an easy, sturdy, affordable solution for producing vertical storage in your kitchen. The components are available from many different areas including, The Container Store, and a limited selection is carried at Bed, Bath and Beyond. There are different configurations in addition to the ones pictured. Lynk creates a rollout under-sink organizer and a horizontal drawer pullout also.

The Units are simple to install requiring only a drill and a screwdriver. The units include a paper template in the box that can help you install them evenly in the cabinets in addition to install several units evenly side-by-side as pictured above.

Give me a call or email if you need help with your home’s storage challenges.

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