Ways to Make Money Online

The world of Internet has paved many ways today to earn money. Specially for women sitting at home with household chores, these ways are making them become independent with being able to simultaneously handling their daily duties. Check also how to earn money online from home.

Even for students, making part –time income is now easy and they no longer depend on pocket money from their parents. There are a lot of options for people to make money. Let’s probe these ways.

Build a website

It is like creating your own country with domicile. You can build it for you and then bring in others of your choice through which you can make money. For this, you first need to promote your website through social networking and get more people to associate with you on your website. You can do it through AdSense by Google as well.


A fine way to express yourself and earn monetarily through it. You can create your blog and publicize it using social media. You can monetize it by subscribing to Google AdSense as premature bloggers do which would place ads on your blog and make you earn money every time someone clicks on it. After a while, if your blog gets popular you could also make money by making networks and contacts with big companies who get impressed with your work.


If you are good at writing or graphic designing, you will get loads of opportunities to write for some companies into compatible industries. These may include travel, food, beauty, wellness, technology etc. You can write for these companies at reasonable rates and earn yourself money. This can be done with or without a full time job somewhere for extra money.


This is another area which is growing pretty large. People are being hired as online tutors for students across the globe. You need to deliver web-lectures, help with assignments etc. to these students and earn money in return from the hiring company.

Data Entry

This is a kind of work which is gaining traction rather too quickly. People who are at home, specially home makers find it an easy way to make money. This is mostly convenient as per time liberty.

Ad Posting

Another way to make easy money is ad posting. Many companies want themselves to be featured on various social networking sites and media but find it difficult to do so. Trainings are provided either online or over phone and the work starts almost immediately.

Pay To Click

Another very easy way to make money is through PTC websites. All you need to do is to open these websites and click on the ads they post, reading it for 10-20 seconds.

Online Surveys

This is another way to earn easy money online. Companies pay you to fill their surveys.

Mystery Shopping

This is a hush-hush way to make money. Companies hire mystery shoppers to assess customer satisfaction. This is well paid job with good perks.

You tube

You can also earn money from You Tube by posting original videos about anything you are good at. If they accept your proposal to be a partner through their You Tube Partner Program, you could make money every time some watches it.



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