Why Pepper Spray Is a Woman’s Best Friend

Pepper Spray is a ideal self-protection merchandise for women. 1 squirt in the face of some creep who has bad intentions will render him virtually helpless and take his mind off what he’d intended for you. Check more about Women’s Pepper Spray.

Pepper Spray comes in different shapes and sizes so it will match every lady’s needs. Generally this item comes in different size canisters but in addition, it comes disguised as a tube of lipstick, a cologne bottle and just a pen.

• The spraying distance is generally about 6 feet but I would wait for him to get a little nearer. It does not have to hit the eyes just get the spray anyplace on his face for those effects.

• Practice canister – This is filled with water but remains under the same pressure as the actual item. You may use this to practice so you will be confident that you will reach your attacker.

• Immediate outcomes – Pepper Spray is so effective that as soon as it hits your goal then things will happen. His eyes, nose and throat will immediately start burning severely as well as causing ripping , nose running and incapacitating coughing. Just remember to run away as soon as you spray on your attacker and do not get too close because he can swing his arms or catch you. If you want, spray on him again once or twice for extra effect.

• Pepper Spray outcomes are non-lethal and last for 30-45 minutes. Throughout that time the victim (your attacker) will be of no use to anyone, especially himself, because he will feel like he is dying. If he fixes his eyes and confront it will only make the consequences worse and wouldn’t that be a pity – that he deserves what he has!

• More assurance – if you Are equipped with Pepper Spray and also understand how to use it, think of how confident you will feel when walking to a car at night or in a dark parking lot or road. However, don’t think that you’re untouchable. That’s why you should always possess Pepper Spray accessible. In fact, you ought to have it in your hand, ready to use, if moving somewhere you may be threatened.

Pepper Spray is just one Of the best products every devised for the self-protection of Women. It is inexpensive, Simple to Use, easy to transport and it packs a Wallop when sprayed in an attacker’s face. An assault. Please take this item with you constantly since you Never know if you will need it.

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