World of Tanks Review

World of Tanks Review

During the computer science club’s LAN party last semester I was introduced into Planet of Tanks. I have to admit that I do not play many multiplayer games, but this one had me hooked pretty quickly. I like the sensation of weight and power you get when driving a tank around and shooting those colossal cannons. Check новости World of Tanks.

As With any sport I began as a fairly big noob, but I had an experienced player there to give me a few pro tips. Those largely consisted of”locate a wonderful bush to hide in until an enemy is dumb enough to expose themselves; then shoot them.”

One reason that I do not enjoy League of Legends just as much is because the games generally last 30–50 minutes; I often do not have time for this, and even when I do I usually get bored with the game before it’s halfway over. Planet of Tanks includes a time cap at 15 minutes, and the games are usually considerably shorter than that. I appreciate this rapid turnover and overall regard for the time.

Because The game was out for a few decades, the tech trees are extremely fleshed out. They look pretty daunting at first, but it’s nice to have a great deal of alternatives out there. The game plays quite differently based on the kind of tank you are using. I’ve been appreciating the tank destroyers since they function best when I let someone else go just before me, and then I shoot whoever shoots them. The SPGs are all artillery that essentially act as snipers. They receive a top-down perspective of the map, but they could still only see enemies their teammates return back to them.

Even Though I really don’t have some friends who play on a regular basis, I’m Having a fantastic time with it. It doesn’t hurt that It’s a free-to-play game. I have heard that the version used to be pretty near pay-to-win, But they’ve since cleaned that up. You can pay for paint jobs, more Slots on your own garage for tanks, and expertise. But those things won’t Promise you win, because the game places you in games against people in The exact same tier as you. It also encourages players to come back Daily By providing double experience in your first success of the evening. At the Very least you need to play with it so I have people to play . Pretty please?

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